May 2020
poster of technical webinar of From Problem to Product (P2P)
AppTask CEO Jeff Chow is going to share his start-up and innovation experience in the Technical Webinar - From Problem to Product (P2P), which organized by The Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong (IET Hong Kong) Younger Members Section.
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Mr. Roy Law at Zerozone
新冠肺炎肆虐,香港特區政府近期推出不少招數救市。香港無線科技商會主席羅國明(Roy)SME.hket 記者訪問時指,政府資助方向應更加強扶助本地方案商,例如企業使用香港公司的產品時能得到額外資助,幫助香港科創中小企渡過難關之餘,又能扶植本土行業。
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