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Case Management Engine

Event Management

a group of people are attending an event with stage speaker

Event Management Solution Develop a one stop and complete event solution which covers pre-event, at-event, and post-event.

Job Dispatch

2 staffs are processing parcels for dispatch

Create tasks to deliver to the most suitable workers.

Caring Device-IoT

a medical doctor interacting with health care iot network

Connect devices to track health data and data analysis


a man handing out a humanoid chatbot

An artificial intelligence (AI) software that used to conduct online conversation. Chatbot can simulate a conversation with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone.

Job Matching

Four hands holding jigsaw pieces

Provide a one-stop efficient matching service.


close up of a hand holding a tablet in one hand and another hand taking a customer survey on the touch screen

Q&A function and calculation score Enables interviewees to register and answer the questions Allows the facilitators to conduct the survey and control the pace of the survey


a virtual panel of an e-learning platform

Enrich user experience with interactive training materials running on mobile


website is displayed in 4 devices with different sizes, they are Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile

Distributes information via mobile platform Instant update of magazine content

GPS and Map Function

online map on mobile phone highlighting main civil facilities

Center location, GPS tracking, Service provider location

Instant Messaging

close up of a girl holding a mobile and checking the messages on the phone

Internal, external secured communication/ membership communication

Membership/ Warranty System

App for operating and collaboration

User/ volunteer registration. User tracking/ history management

News Announcement

mobile app for operating and collaboration

Broadcast news and deliver management instructions to users instantly.

AppCare’s case management engine helps users to manage their cases systematically and integrates with different modules to increase its functionality. Our Case management solution provides organizations with program administrator, resource allocation, process tracking and planning evaluation.

AppCare provides customized services and standard modules for NGO.
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