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Product Features

An integrated, one-stop solution to connect, monitor, manage, and analyze
your physical devices and data.

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IoT Devices

Our solution provides you a wide range of choices of hardware, which are well tested, and perfectly integrated with our system. A combination of sensors and devices can be picked to fit in different scenarios.

IoT Gateway

The gateway helps solve the connectivity and security problems of the IoT devices in different use cases via different network structures and technologies such as 5G, NB-IoT, and LoRa, etc.

AppIoT Engine

Applying advanced technology such as Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics to help a business get value from the data. Generate hints and recognizing a pattern for essential business decision making.

System Dashboard

Our AppIOT dashboard can be view on different devices including PC, mobile, and tablets. Managers can understand, and visualize important information by our system report. Operators can manage all the devices in an easy, and efficient way.

Project Showcases

AppIoT | Hong Kong Cyberport

Smart Mirror

Solution Highlight:


To ease the daily report process

Real-time alerts and reports to management

Promptly react to fault and arrange for repair

Broadcast advertisement and announcement


Door Access Control



AppIoT | Tree Care

Tree Monitoring Solution


– Prevent tree collapse

– Quick reaction after natural disasters

– Allocate maintenance resource


Detection & Measurement:

– Strength of Tree

– Growth environment

– Motion detection



– Health Score

– Collapse possibility

AppIoT | Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

Elevator Monitoring Solution

The solution enhances passengers and provide insight for elevator management.


Sage analyzation

– User number

– Peak hours

– Start/Arrived floor


Detect of abnormalities

– Vibration

– Speed

– Acceleration

– Floor position


Proactive alerts of potential faults

Predict and manage maintenance

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AppIoT | Hong Kong Observatory

Natural Environment Data Collection & Analysis

Monitor, analyze and generate reports of the office area in different aspects.

Indoor Environmental Quality:








Door Access Control



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AppIoT | Property Management

Smart Office Solution

Monitor, analyze and generate reports of the office area in different aspects.


Indoor Environmental Quality:


– Air

– Thermal

– Lighting

– Acoustic

– Energy




Door Access Control







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