AppTask Case Study: HUMANSA 仁山優社

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AppTask is and has always been committed to serving our customers with excellence and below is one of our successful cases, Humansa 仁山優社.

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Humansa’s 仁山優社 Belief: All walks of life should also have the right to enjoy physical and spiritual health and wellbeings in a humanised approach.

Introduce to App Function

In order to carry out their ideas, AppTask had made several functions to implement, for instance, articles news announcement, in-app reminder and one click-away booking system. 

Articles News Announcement

the articles news announcement page of Humansa app

Useful articles to acknowledge patients or elderlies on the aspect of physical and mental health. 


– Patients can receive latest informations easily by reading the articles

– Automatically broadcast up-to-date information which reduce the workload of the nurse

In-app Reminders of upcoming appointment

In-app reminders of appointment of the Humansa app

Automatically pop-up notifications to remind both patients and family carer.


– Reduce the workload for the nurses and thus can provide better services to patients

– Patients can avoid missing important appointment

Management System

contact management page of Humansa app

The bills, schedule and some daily photos of the patients can be uploaded to the app and shown to their families.


– Easier to let the nurses to manage, easier to upload the bills 

– Closer bonding between the nurses and patients’ family

– Clearly show the daily schedule of the patients 

Other Functions:    

One click-away booking system    

 – Clearly show the place and available timeslot for booking, avoid crashing timeslot or any unneccessary mistakes 

 – Easier for patients to book that they do not need to call manually

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