4 merged images of functions of smart mirror such as virtual dressing, virtual hair styling, virtual make-up and enhancement of smart toilet

Have you ever thought that mirrors can be used to do a lot of stuff? Not merely allow users to see themselves or objects behind them, but also do virtual makeup, virtual hairstyle and even virtual dressing. With AppTask, you can create a tailor-made smart mirror for your company or business. 

Virtual make-up – Beauty

When it comes to the beauty industry, mirror has always been very useful. As it can help to reflect your face and thus you can finish your makeup easily. Yet, in recent years, there are more functions to apply on a mirror, such as recording your skin condition and do analysis or even do virtual makeup to choose for special occasions. In western countries, many beauty companies have implemented Smart Mirror instore, a gimmick for customers to check their skin condition and can also try on makeup looks without wasting product or try all their latest products, using the augmented reality feature.

Virtual Hair Styling – Hair Salon

Have you ever been in this situation, went to a hair salon, wanted to try a new hairstyle or dye a new colour but never know how to express it to the barbers? Or you were afraid it may not be your best suit? Uncertainty and anxiety will then come along. While having a smart mirror in a hair salon, you can have a virtual hairstyle, using augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies from cutting to overlay digital colour on customers’ real hair. This experience can boost customers’ confidence and avoid leading disappointment. Besides, barbers could also know exactly what the customers want and avoid misunderstandings.

Virtual Dressing – Retail Clothing

COVID-19 has brought many changes to different industries, while the retailers are bearing the brunt. In order to attract customers to shop, some retailers in the US have tried to improve customers’ shopping experience by creating smart fitting rooms. When the customer is in the fitting room, the smart mirror, can then detect the contour of the person by using 3D technology and augmented reality. Then, the customer can wear the selected virtual garments to see how they look. Through the screen, customers can search for other sizes, colours or discover suggested accessories with just one click. This allows customers to create a unique and personalized shopping experience while also avoiding the risk of spreading COVID-19 by reducing exposure to clothes trying.

Smart Mirror – Smart Toilet
Successful Case in Hong Kong Cyberport

Not only apply to the above-mentioned industries, Smart Mirror can be also applied to Toilets, which is successfully running in Hong Kong Cyberport by AppTask. AppTask knew that the management of toilet cleanliness has long been the problem for the cleaners. While Smart Mirror can clearly show the usage of toilets which enable cleaners and users to reduce their waiting time. Also, cleaners can finish their daily report process easier and quicker. Moreover, any faulty of toilets can be shown in the smart mirror and thus cleaners can solve them promptly.

Smart Mirror can be used in different industries. If you and your company are interested in Smart Mirror or would like to add some innovative functions, please do not hesitate and contact us.