discussion in a workshop
Being innovative is the key to be success for startups. Keith, our Vice President, was invited to take part in Incu-Lab ICE Days (Day2 – “Doing disruptive innovation startup changes the world?”) to share his experience about innovation and entrepreneurship. Doing disruptive business could be a new way to you too!
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company representative holding an award certificate in the 7th Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award
AppTask always dedicates to contribute to societal activities in order to fulfil our corporate social responsibilities. These efforts are recognised by Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award with an acknowledgment logo in the SEM category. We will keep devoting ourselves to the society to create a better future.
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company representative holding an award certificate in the HSBC living Business Awards Presentation Ceremony 2016
AppTask won the Caring for People Award (Certificate of Merit) in HSBC Living Business Award 2016. It is no doubt that AppTask will keep striving the best to enhance the quality of work and living of our co-workers.
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Mr. Roy Law presenting on stage in an event
An innovative idea is surely a valuable asset to startup. Protection of intellectual property rights protects creativity. Roy was invited as the speaker to the IPD seminar, sharing his experience with startup and how to better protect the creativity with students.
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