a vector art show the full range of AI and IOT enhanced services from booking of medical consultation, temperature checking, body movement, heart beat measurement, chatbot service

Have you ever thought that an app can change the whole industry?

Hong Kong is stepping into an ageing society, the need of taking care of the elderly has been increasing dramatically. Yet, there is always a shortage of workers in elderly centres and nursing homes. Besides routinely taking care of the elderly, carers also need to spend extra time on administrative work such as liaising with the families, handling paperwork or answering enquiries. Amidst the situation, have you ever thought that the latest technology such as software applications, smart devices and Internet of Things can help reduce the carers’ workload and deliver better service quality to clients?


Chatbot can reply to FAQs in natural language. Nursing homes can make use of it to offer faster response to enquiries and reduce workload.

Visitor Registration

Due to Covid-19, many elderly centres have strict restrictions on the number of visitors that can visit in a specific timeframe. While having this function, family members can clearly check which time slot is available and carers can do easier and better management towards visitor registration.

Instant Health Status Monitoring

Smart devices such as biometrics-enabled smart mattress that aim to offer instant and accurate health status monitoring for the elderly. They are using sensors to track a number of health metrics such as body temperature, heart bit rate and body movement, etc.

Facilitate Safe Living with IoT

With sensors and smart devices, relatives or caregivers are able to track the status and exact whereabouts of the senior. IoT technology may also detect if the elderly are in a normal position or have fallen down.

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