[IT Talent Shortage Limits Business Development? | Interview with Apptask founder Roy Law]

The online world can create unlimited business opportunities for enterprises, but many companies fail to seize them. According to a survey by the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Commerce Association, 66% of app development in Hong Kong comes from business applications, with other areas such as e-commerce and information platforms still having ample room for app development. Roy Law, Chairman of the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Commerce Association and founder of Apptask, also points out that the main challenges Hong Kong faces include a lack of talent, especially engineers in blockchain, AI, and big data. The competition for relevant talent intensifies as various countries introduce policies to attract IT professionals.

In the face of a lack of talent, capital, and knowledge, how can companies seize business opportunities? Many businesses try to find IT companies with relevant technology and experience and provide analysis based on their own situation, offering digital solutions with shorter research time and more accurate advice.

Apptask has extensive experience and talent in programming and web design, providing customized service solutions for businesses. If you are unsure how to use the latest technology, you can contact us for professional advice and the latest information without significantly increasing resources or establishing a department, giving you a head start.

Clearly, there are opportunities everywhere in the online world, just waiting for businesses to explore and seize.

The complete survey report can be found on the ASA2021 website: https://contest2021.bestasiaapp.hk/industry-survey/

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