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Standard Chartered Bank

Breeze SME Mobile Application

Breeze SME Mobile Application facilitates effective distribution of home device products through interactive digital content and centralises control of content update.The graphic design and responsive content management sharpen corporate and professional images of Standard Chartered Bank.

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logo of ABN AMRO

ABN Internal Publication

The mobile application sharpens corporate image as a top-notch international investment bank. As an internal communication platform, it supports rich media file insertion and social media sharing, which delivers delightful user experience.

2 mobile phones with one screen show the cover page of the ABN AMRO App and another screen shows the main page after signed in
logo of McDonald's
McDonald’s Hong Kong Social Welfare

Happy McDonald’s

Happy McDonald’s is an application which provides notification to users of the latest promotions and offers. It facilitates searching of nearby McDonald’s shop with integration of Google Map.

a mobile phone with screen showing the main page of the Happy McDonald’s App
logo of ONC Network TV

OCN Network TV v1.0/2.0

OCN Network TV v1.0 is the first iOS App for Video, Audio & Data Integration TV network in China. It facilitates switching over TV to iOS device and iOS device to TV. The application also supports live viewing and on-demand TV programs in which it creates a social network among registered viewers for programs recommendation.

In OCN Network TV v2.0, the whole design was revamped to create a better user experience.

logo of Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Operating Guide

Hong Kong Disneyland Operating Guide is an application which aims to provide effective training medium including Video, interactive exam questions to its staff. With a plentiful source of images, it sharpens corporate and brand images of fun and creativity and at the same time, delivers a more delightful reading experience.

a mobile phone with the cover page of the Hong Kong Disneyland Operating Guide

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