Mr. Roy Law and other Speaker in the 5G Future Applications Forum & Theme Hall opening ceremony
AppTask founder and WTIA 香港無線科技商會 Chairman Roy Law served as the moderator of the 5G Future Applications Forum & Theme Hall opening ceremony, together with four major telecommunications.
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staff members is working
AppTask 很高興與扶輪社合作「扶輪多元青年開啟機會職場體驗」項目,為多元青年提供企業實習機會。多謝Sam & Karen這三星期積極參與,Sam表示在這工作環境下沒有壓力,可以讓他放心發揮自己的能力。 創辦人 Roy Law 留意到年青人儘管稍缺經驗但是富有才能和熱情,我們期待為更多充滿熱誠以及打算在科技行業發展所長的年青人提供工作機會,藉此招攬更多人才。 Read More: https://fb.watch/4Z1hJObEmV/
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Mr. Roy Law in an TVB interview
AppTask founder and WTIA Chairman Roy Law has shared with us about his views on the mandatory registration of SIM cards for mobile phones and how it would affect the business practices for technology industry in Hong Kong. It is now available on the RTHK TV Channel 31 "The Pulse" and TVB News Channel 83...
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