smart air conditioners
vector art of skyscrapers with the title welcome to the metaverse
What is metaverse? Step-by-step guide into the metaverse đŸ‘Ÿ.
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season greetings banner with AppTask logo
🎄 Christmas Airdrop Incoming! AppTask Wish You a Merry Christmas. Dec 2021
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Roy Law is featured on IT PRO magazine
Roy Law, founder and WTIA Chairman was featured on the cover page of IOT Pro Magazine."5G will transform our lifestyle and bring us emromous opporunities in Hong Kong" spoken by Roy Law.
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vector art of a smart office with persons working on pc and laptops
Besides home, people spend most of their time in the office.  Undoubtedly, a better, smarter office is quintessential to boost employee productivity and satisfaction. With the AppIoT smart office solution, you can oversee and monitor every inch of your office effortlessly through our centralised system.
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