Internet of Things (IoT)

Driven by innovation and execute with commercial viability in mind,
AppTask dedicates on design, implementation, and deployment of end-to-end IoT solutions.

We offer all required components and functionalities from hardware devices equipped with sensors,
actuators, gateways, integration with cloud-based platform including data analytics,
remote management and security, as well as the client web and mobile app.

Internet of Healthcare Things(IoHT) Solution

a doctor is examining a specimen with a electronic microscope

Today there is a general shift of care in hospitals or emergency care environments to private environments such as the patient’s home or elderly nursing center. AppTask’s IoHT solution comprise complete set of health monitoring devices (e.g. blood pressure gauge, blood glucose measure device, etc.) connecting via BLE with mobile app which facilitate healthcare stakeholders to detect patterns and leverage the cloud stored data coming from these devices for further analytics.

Hot Desk Booking Solution

a empty meeting room with a long white table and 10 chairs

Sensor based hardware device combined with mobile technology, our desk booking solution enables you to implement a flexible working environment with ‘on-the-spot’ hot desk booking. The sensor device will automatically detect the desk’s occupancy status and real time displays on the mobile app. Desk’s usage data will be collected for further analysis.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AppTask’s Artificial Intelligent (AI) solutions focus at solving real-world problems, specifically enhancing clients’ abilities in managing online business and providing excellent customer service. The combination of IOT, AI, machine learning and big data technologies help businesses to overcome difficulties in sophisticated data mining and achieve deeper business insights.


vector art of a chatbot answering messages

Our Chatbot solution facilitate businesses to handle customers’ inquiries cheaply, quickly and consistently. Besides external customers, AppTask has ample experience in building up corporate’s internal first-tier helpdesk in the form of AI Chatbot. Such implementation greatly reduce the response time in handling incidents raised by internal users.

Machine Learning

AppTask’s Machine Learning solutions trying to boost up sales in e-commerce site and tackle operation challenges through video analytics.

Our product recommendation solution uses ratings and engagement from a huge volume of items (products, services, movies, etc) to predict what any given user might want to purchase.

In our video analytic solution, we developed a set of algorithm to detect objects for classification, localization, number counting and visual search, etc.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business intelligence (BI) leverages software and services to transform raw data into executable intelligence that informs an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions.

Data Visualization Services

data visualization dashboard with various bar charts, pie charts and maps

Visualization is an integral part of data analytics as it facilities users to immediately spot trends, track goal achievement, easily identify outliers and compare the performance of different categories, products, brands, etc. We tailor data visualization solutions so that they answer the business questions of a particular customer.

Data Analysis Application Development

source code lines on a computer screen

We provide our customers with tailored IT solutions that back up their business operations and decisions with reliable and timely reports and insightful dashboards.