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One of the hottest topics, metaverse has been bombing in 2021 ever since the pandemic wave. It is clear that the metaverse is gradually creeping into everybody’s lives.

As we would expect, more tech giants will be joining and investing into the metaverse soon (Etc, facebook, samsung). To be one step ahead of others, YOU have to know what exactly is metaverse.

What is metaverse?

Metaverse is a technology and concept that makes use of AR(augmented reality) and VR(virtual reality) to produce ultra-realistic, immersive shared virtual space experiences.

In the world of metaverse, users can engage in a variety of activities such as partying or shopping with others in a virtual format. Here are the 5 underlying characteristics of metaverse….

1, Decentralized: 

2, Immersive 

3, Digital currency ecosystem 

4, Social experience 

5, Persistent

1, Decentralized:

Metaverse can not be controlled or owned by any company or individual. Instead, blockchain technology ensures every transaction in the metaverse to be transparent and trackable while protecting the user’s identity by keeping them anonymous.

2, Immersive:

No matter if you’re using AR glasses or VR headset , users can enjoy the immersive experience in the ultra realistic digital world in which human senses are fully engaged with a variety of elements such as lighting, environment etc.

3, Digital currency ecosystem 

Most digital assets or properties (such as NFT) in the metaverse are powered by digital currency in which users can trade or invest crypto for digital goods under the crypto ecosystem. For example, users can send $SAND to buy NFT or land on the metaverse known as “SANDBOX”.

4, Social experience:

Social experience is undoubtedly one of the core values in the metaverse. Community and social activities drive users to further engage in the digital world. For example, users can even build an NFT museum to attract others to visit their creation.

5, Persistent: 

Users can enter the metaverse anytime and anywhere without worrying about being unplugged or reset by the servers. Also, The metaverse will evolve overtime as users and creators have the ability to create more content.

“There are infinite possibilities in the metaverse but really the only limitation would be imaginations.

To be a step ahead of others, enter the metaverse now.”

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