Why Do NGOs Need A Case Management System

Sometimes it takes time to handle the cases in NGOs because the cases are complex and difficult to manage, which leads to inefficiency and the potential for serious operational problems. Therefore advanced tools such as Case Management Systems (CMS) can be created. Check it out below to see why NGOs must have CMS.

Increase Financial Transparency
It is believed that the main component of an NGO is being accountable to the donors and different stakeholders. Therefore it is important to avoid any chances of getting mistakes when calculating the budget. Operating CMS, can help send some automated reports which include the donated sum after completing each project. This can also help the NGO to take a reference to propose better financial strategies in the future. Financial transparency enables the funding from the donors to be used properly and efficiently. More potential donors will be interested to give funding to NGOs because of the high transparency.

Remote Access With Security Enabled
NGO is a team-operating organization. Even the case manager in charge of a lot of cases, some volunteers or other staffs still need to help and execute the projects. The best thing is that CMS is cloud-based. The person in charge can check the project details remotely. Simply connect to a mobile device then can track the status and mark down the progress of the completion of the case automatically. The CMS will also provide authorized access to the selected devices so the level of security increases.NGOs no longer worry about information leakage. In addition, the centralization of CMS allows the case manager to handle more cases without the hassle of needing to. Therefore, the efficiency of the case completion increase.

Decrease Human Errors
There must be many cases that need to handle in the organization. When dealing cases with pen and paper, it is quite hard to make everything right. Files or some papers may be lost due to human error. By using CMS, most of the tasks can be completed automatically. For example, the information and form can be automatically generated and centralized base on the file. Therefore the automated operation reduces human error.

Provide Personal Attention to Each Client
As the case manager may have many tasks to do so it is quite hard to dedicate personal attention to each client. By operating CMS, each client also has a profile that is automatically generated and includes all the information about the client. Therefore the case manager can take a brief look quickly and solve the problems in the way that the organization can do.

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